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My little ferals!

My little ferals!
Liam,Nicky,Maddy,Aidan, Becky,Simon and Sarah.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


My fire and ice girl.................Love her to bits,but I just cant help but think that she will be giving me trouble when she grows up.She already does,she is just like a mini-me but a better,more finely tuned model.I give myself trouble,and to have a smaller version of myself running around giving me more trouble is a feat within itself,and trippy to say the least.

She is repeating grade prep ands it's doing her the world of good.Her confidence is higher so her standard of work is heaps better.She is so intellegent.She reads and does maths and enjoys it.She will be 6 on thursday.

This is Sarah and her little sister Madalen at Christmas time.


  1. How cute! Thumbs up for her hard work! BTW it's still strange to me to see Xmas pics without snow and big jumpers lol.

  2. Well first Happy Early Birthday Sarah...When you think about how trouble may come your way...im the form of a mini you...Just remember..no one knows YOU better that you.

  3. I know just what its like to have a mini-me trouble maker running around LOL! Looks like you have a wonderful family!

  4. Shes so gorgeous!