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My little ferals!

My little ferals!
Liam,Nicky,Maddy,Aidan, Becky,Simon and Sarah.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


My Son Aidan.......

I call him 'My Saving Grace'
He made me what I am today-A Mum! He is a typical 9and ahalf year old boy except that he has a 'Label'

Aidan has Asbergers,A.D.D and other auditory processing and learning problems,but that doesnt stop him from being a 'typical boy'.

The last few years have been a rollercoaster for us,dealing with programs,classes,psychologists,therapies,but the other day we had an appointment with his school and they told us that he was doing really well! His reading has improved and so has his behaviour! I was stunned,quite shocked to say the least as its been a while since we have had any positive input like that.

Unfortunately this is this week and we have grown accustomed to preparing ourselves for many letdowns.So even though this is really good news,I have to not allow myself to get too happy about it. I have relayed our excitement to Aidan and for now things seem to be working for us!

Good on you Aidan- Keep up the good work!

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