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My little ferals!

My little ferals!
Liam,Nicky,Maddy,Aidan, Becky,Simon and Sarah.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Me and Mine!

My first ever blog........Now what to write?

It all started when my mum and dad fell in love-ewwww-way to, well, just ewww!!

Start again......These are my children:

Aidan(almost 10)
Liam(7and a half)
Sarah(almost 6)
Simon(almost 5)
Madalen(2and a half)
Nicole(4and a half mths)

I live with my partner of almost 12 years,Brendan who works as a security technician and on the week-ends works as a lead singer in a cover band called Power Play.

I wonder if anyone will read this blog? Hehehe!

Until next time...........


  1. Ohh hi Rach! hehehe, Had to be the first to reply on your blog.. i will add it to my favourites so I will be sure to read it!

  2. I will read it! And thanks for popping to my sight. :-)