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My little ferals!

My little ferals!
Liam,Nicky,Maddy,Aidan, Becky,Simon and Sarah.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I am Rach and i am a zoo-keeper to 7 hungry kidlets. They say the kids keep you young,well they are lying! I feel nearly dead.
When people ask me how i do it, i search my brain for a real cool explanation like 'im an amazing supermum who has nothing but the best intentions for my kids,i cook meals and freeze them,and have a passion for cleaning' when all i really want to say the truth and that is 'just' or 'through the grace of God'!!!
Okay it is fair to say that i know nothing about computers,heck,12mths ago i didnt even know how to copy and paste.
Some randoms things:
* I am a smoker.
* I love to quote statistics.
* My house is an absolute mess,all the time.
* I swear alot.
* I smack my kids.
* I hate flies with a passion.
* I would love to have twins.
* I am trying to con my partner into getting me a pet snake.
* I love eating McDonalds.
* I am funnier in real life.
* I can watch telly, whilst changing a bum,feeding another kid,yelling at a couple of kids to stop fighting,read a school notice,and have a coversation about why peaches have such big ugly seeds in them and still find it within myself to tell hubby to fuck off and find it himself.

Until next time..............

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